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Bedding & Domestics Truckload Liquidations

We offer wholesale Assorted Bedding & Domestics goods by the pallets and by the truckloads, from United States Department Stores Liquidations and Overstock per pallet or truckload, giving you access to top quality goods at affordable prices.

Type of Goods in The Pallets

These are some of the domestics and bedding items you will find in the pallets

and so much more. from top-of-the-range department stores and national retailers.

truckload liquidation

Merchandise That Sells

We only sell High-Quality Merchandise that comes from USA major department stores

Assorted Return Bedding Pallets

Assorted Bedding & Domestic Lots returns from United States Department Stores, Available at a flat price per Gaylord. These pallets are great to sell on amazon, flea markets, mom and pop stores, and eBay. Sold at a flat price per pallet.

Bedding & Domestics Truckload Liquidation pallets
Bedding & Domestics Truckload Liquidation pallets
Bedding & Domestics  Liquidation pallets
Bedding & Domestics Truckload Liquidation

Buy Wholesale Domestics & Bedding Liquidations Pallets

At we offer a wide range of products and services. If you looking for wholesale bedding and domestics for resale to your clients at the lowest prices, do not look beyond the inventory we consistently offer our clients at

Buy Mixed Pallets of Domestics & Bedding Liquidations
Miami Warehouse Bedding and Domestics Inventory

We work closely with many retailers and department stores to get the finest assortment and the most diverse of products we can offer to our clients, from a single pallet to a truckload.

Truckload Liquidations

Best Wholesale Bedding & Domestic Truckload Liquidations

We have the best truckloads and pallets available on the market, come visit us at our Miami Warehouse and find out why we are the best on what we do. We have the cleanest pallets of wholesale bedding and Domestics goods

What Is Domestics Truckload Liquidation?

Domestic liquidations occur the moment a store has a larger amount of inventory than it can manage on its own, These liquidation sales consists of the stores having a new stock line that is in the process of replacing the current product line, or having bought too many units to start with, and not being able to sell them. In addition, many stores choose to close branches, declare themselves bankrupt or close altogether, and sell all their existing products ( including hardware and store signage in some cases) for a small amount of money.

Where Does Our Liquidated Bedding & Domestics Come From?

In the last two decades, we developed a powerful partnership with large multi-store retailers, department stores, chains, and online fulfillment companies in order with the goal of creating a greater number of new opportunities in order to provide goods to clients at auctions. Below you can obtain more information on some of the sources from which these goods come.


Overstock is a broad name given to any item which a retail store or chain has bought directly from a maker, only to realize that it will not sell at the volume they originally intended. In the case of bedding, these soft items occupy a considerable space, and ultimately this space means that less storage space is available for the goods or items that are receiving the most advertising efforts in them.

Regardless of the argument, a company is more profitable to liquidate its inventory, which means that it sells these items in bulk, at a cost, or less than cost, in order to open up room for other goods. And that means that we can purchase those products in bulk, sometimes on a pallet, many times in a full load trailer, at amazingly low prices.

Shelf Pulls

Shelf pulls, is a type of overstock that refers to items that were either previously displayed on shelves at a retail store or distributed to one store from a central warehouse. Often, employees have already managed and inventoried a shelf or store stock in accordance with their own policies.

When you buy these shelf pull goods you have to realize that there is a variety of condition in which you may receive your merchandise,

  • Defaced packages to prevent returns to the origin store
  • Sun fading from being on a shelf
  • Items with store tags on them
  • Patterns on bedding from last year stock
  • Off-season comforters in summer

As with any liquidation company, you will never have the guarantee of consistency between all the products in your lot. This is something to always keep in mind as a liquidation buyer.


Closeout sales could be either a deep discount retail sale ( imagine retailers with signs announcing a 75% rebate across the entire store) or it could alternatively be a wholesale sale to a liquidation company like ours. It can also happen because the store is closing or the chain is filing for bankruptcy.

Customer Returns

Most bedding and domestics items result from returns from customers. However, this does not mean that the goods are used, defected or broken. A number of people have returned bedding because they got the wrong size, or because they have changed their mind. Like much other merchandise we supply, bedding products are often a direct result of online returns or in-store returns.

Wholesale Domestic & Beddings Pallets Reviews

Our Domestics and bedding pallet reviews are one of the best on the market, this is due to our great quality control system at our warehouse in Miami, Florida. We care about our clients, that’s why we have developed this quality control system to make sure all of our goods pallets are the cleanest and the most profitable for our clients.

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